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Korona Boutique Hotel is located in the stone-built traditional settlement of Oitylo. The small village of Oitylo is part of the Mani Peninsula. The capital city of Mani is Areopoli. Mani is the central of the three Peninsulas, that extend southwards from the Peloponnese in southern Greece. To the east is the Laconian Gulf, to the west the Messenian Gulf. The peninsula forms a continuation of the Taygetos mountain range, the western spine of the Peloponnese.


Mani, the southernmost, middle peninsula of the Peloponnese, within the districts of Lakonia county, is a treasure of Byzantine and post Byzantine churches, Frankish castles and imposing scenery. Mani is a rugged landscape of wild beauty that captivates travelers all year round.

The locals' independent nature and tranquil pace combined with the fact that not many tourists have discovered this cobblestoned Mani village yet, established strong traditions that cannot be found in any other areas of Greece.

The architecture of the area is widely known for the tower houses ('pyrgospita') and the fortified family dwellings, a reflection of the Ottoman occupation of Greece.


Only a 3-hour drive from Athens and almost 2 hours away from the city and airport of Kalamata, Oitylo is an easily accessible seaside escape. The village's location also gives travelers the exciting opportunity to visit surrounding popular destinations and villages.

  • Oitylo Bay 1km
  • Sparta 48 km
  • Areopolis 6 km
  • Kalamata Airport 65 km
  • Diros Caves 16 km
  • Monemvasia 90 km
  • Stoupa Beach 25 km
  • Tripoli City 105 km
  • Gythio 25 km
  • Athens City 260 km
  • Cape Tenaro 45 km
  • Athens Airport 295 km
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